Megan's Book

Today you'll see the fifth and final book from my bridesmaids collection. For the past four Thursdays you've seen the books I've made for Allison, Zoe, Jacee, and Arica. Book #5 was for Megan, my best friend from college. Megan is an amazing designer and creates adorable patterns and textiles for a children's clothing company in Atlanta. Someday I hope the two of us can team up and design our own line of products! In designing her journal, I wanted to make sure and capture Megan's fun-loving, artsy personality.

Megan's favorite colors are shades of teal, aquamarine, blue, etc. I made her book cover from an aquamarine bookbinding cloth that has a slight shimmer to it. I also added a contrasting, hot pink satin ribbon as a page marker:


Before wrapping the boards with the bookbinding cloth, I cut grooves into the Davy board to give them a beveled effect.


Like Jacee's book, I used plastic marquee letters to spell out Megan's name.


What did I love best about Megan's book? The wild paste papers! I found this amazing paisley paper that coordinated perfectly with the teals, pinks, and blues of the book.



It was great fun being able to make these books for my dearest friends. Journals make a great gift for anyone, from bridesmaids to moms to teachers to significant others. If you're stumped about what to get someone as a gift, contact me and I can help you come up with the perfect gift for your special someone!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

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