Zoe's Book

My cousin Zoe and I have been friends since we were born. Zoe's just five months older than me and despite the fact that we grew up in opposite parts of the world (Me: Nebraska, Zoe: Indonesia) we've always been close. Naturally, I chose her to be my Matron of Honor when I got married this past May. Last week, I showed you the book I made for my sister Allison as her bridesmaid gift. Today's post is showcasing the book I made Zoe. Before I started creating their books, I did some 'investigating' and casually asked the girls their favorite colors. One of Zoe's was moss/apple green. I had the perfect paper in mind to use for the paste papers, so I started there and designed the rest of the book around the paste pages. Here's the final product:

I used a moss/apple green paper that featured hints of burnt orange and maroon as well as straight lines and concentric circles.


The cover was a paper-backed flocked material that mimicked suede:


I embellished Zoe's name using letter brads. This particular kind has a metal base and then the letters are selected from a clear sheet and glued to the face of the brads.


This was #2 of 5 books that I made for my girlfriends. I so enjoyed designing each book especially for them. Come back next Thursday and see the book I made for Jacee, my Maid of Honor.

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