Allison's Book

I believe that a journal is a timeless gift. And creating them by hand is an act of love. While I was planning my wedding, it was very important to me to choose bridesmaids' gifts that I knew my friends would like, as well as something that would reflect their uniqueness and also be something they would hang on to for years. Naturally, I chose to create handmade journals for each of them. Shown below is the journal I made for my youngest sister, Allison.

I used red suede for the cover to give the book a soft yet durable feel. The final size of the book was roughly 5" x 8":


I used a blocky, primary-colors print for the inside paste pages:


I embellished the cover using alphabet brads to spell out Allison's name:


I alternated white and red paper to create the pages, as you can see from the photo above.

Come back next Thursday and see the book I made for Bridesmaid #2!

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