Arica's Book

By now, you've seen the books I made for three of my five bridesmaids: Allison, Zoe, and Jacee. Book #4 was for my sister Arica (fyi: it's pronounced like Erica). Making Arica's book proved to be the most challenging. Arica is a very talented writer and loves to journal, so through the years I have made several different journals for her. The trick this time around was to do something completely different from all the other journals I've made for her in the past.

For starters, I used a metallic book binding paper that looks either blue...


...or silver, depending on the lighting.


For the paste papers, I used a blue scrapbooking paper that featured squares with rounded corners squares. This motif echoed the square shape of the book itself. I also placed the spine at the top of her journal, rather than at the left-hand side.


As with the other bridesmaids books, I embellished Arica's name on the cover. For hers, I used brads with adhesive letters.


Next Thursday I will be showing the 5th and final book in the bridesmaids series. Be sure and check back to see what I made for Megan!

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