#87: Dessert Rose Cupcakes

To understand the #87 in today's post title, refer to this blog from a few weeks ago. As I work my way through all 113 recipes in the book Cupcakes Galore, I am skipping around a bit to keep things interesting. There is a chapter in the back of the book called "Cupcakes Plus." To quote the author, "So I have decided to stick with my original idea of the cupcake [...]. My two basic criteria were (1) the cupcakes all need to be made with some sort of cake batter (to be defined); and (2) they could be made in a cupcake tin--either with or without a paper, mini, regular, or jumbo. I have added an extra section entitled "Cupcakes Plus" for those "cupcakes" that may or may not specifically fit those criteria but that can be made in a cupcake tin and/or served in a cupcake paper and that could pass for a cupcake with a little imagination."

To that end, I began this section of the book by trying my hand at making a half-batch of the Dessert Rose cupcakes. You start with melted dark chocolate (combined with butter) and a prepared muffin tin:


After the chocolate and butter are melted together, you add powdered sugar to create a "cocoa coating". Then, you add cornflakes or the cereal of your choice. I used cornflakes since I had some on hand from when I made chicken leg cupcakes. You stir everything together and plop into muffin papers.


After the Dessert Roses have had a chance to chill in the fridge, it's time to EAT them!! If you've ever made "Puppy Chow" from Chex cereal, these have a similar taste, sans the peanut butter (which you could add to this recipe if you wanted to). These can also be made with any type of chocolate: dark, milk, or white. YUM!


These are a great little snack to whip up for those days when you're craving something chocolatey. My husband loved them and made me promise not to give them all away!