Day 2: Art Every Day Month

Today has been a full day: working out at the gym, grocery shopping, picking up books at the library, etc. However, I do have something creative to share! Several years ago, my sister Arica got me a Magnetic Poetry picture frame. Since then, it's had the same photo and words on it (shame on me! That was, like, 8 Christmases ago!)


I replaced the previous photo (of me and my sisters) with a photo of my son when he was just 5 days old. Naturally, the prose had to change as well. I also added a blue border now that digital pictures are printed in a silly size, rather than the normal 4x6. Sigh.


While the limitations of the Magnetic Poetry bits often frustrate me, today it was a fun challenge to try and say what I wanted to say using the available tiles.

I also talked to my SIL about borrowing her Pazzles Inspiration digital cutter to do some projects this month. I brought home the installation CDs and manual and quickly discovered it won't work on a Mac...unless I run a Windows platform. ((Doesn't that totally defeat the purpose of having a Mac?))

What I wanted to do was create some designs in Illustrator and have the Pazzles machine cut them for me. Looks like I'll be over at her house a lot so I can actually use the thing...Glad we're neighbors! :)

At any rate, AEDM has inspired me to try some new things or re-visit some old interests. Excited to see where this leads!

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