Day 1: Art Every Day Month

Now, what do we have here? 1upclose

For today's art adventure, I followed the tutorial from How About Orange, a great blog by Jessica Jones, a fellow designer. I ended up with three of these fun babies:


Recycled paper flowers!


For years, I have been saving paper sample catalogs thinking I'd use them for a collage or some such purpose. Today's flowers were the perfect time to start putting them to use!

I started with a "blue steel" one:


And a red/black combo.


I was curious to see what they'd look like mixed together, and here was the result. It had a bit better contrast.



These would be so cute to use for gift toppers, or maybe even CUPCAKE toppers! :) I think they'd also be really cute in a vase.


Excited to dive deeper into AEDM! Check back and see what I create tomorrow!

Day 2: Art Every Day Month

I'm Baaaaaack!