Day 3: Art Every Day Month

You know those sinfully delicious sugar cookies that are always right inside the door at your local superstore? The ones with the half-inch-thick icing that seem like they are just waiting for the right moment to pounce on you and permanently attach themselves to your thighs? Well, I ran across a recipe that would allow me to make them at home (yikes), and I haven't been able to get them off my mind since.

The result:




The recipe said to cover the cookies in cling wrap and let them sit overnight, but I didn't read the entire recipe until I was ready to start baking (oops) and I didn't have the luxury of waiting that long. I took them to bible study and they were delicious anyway. I brought home the leftovers and will let them sit and see how they taste tomorrow. (You mean I'll have to eat another one?! Oh, shucks. I guess I will, in the name of scientific research!)

I learned a few things, and even had some ideas on changes/substitutions I'd like to try (i.e.: how about chocolate cookies with minty icing? Or white cookies with lemon icing?)

But these "originals" ain't bad, folks!


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