What could this be? A lovable cartoon character's face? A dice game? A polka-dot cake? 01whatisthat

It's...a bowling ball!!


And no bowling ball would be complete without pins! M was going to celebrate her 4th birthday by going bowling with her friends, and M's mom called me to request a bowling themed cake.

I cut a 11 x 15 sheet cake into a ball-and-pins shape using a template I created on my computer. The whole cake was then iced with classic butter cream in white and hot pink. The 'holes' in the bowling ball were actually dark cocoa Candy Melts.


M's mom send me a photo from the party. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a kid blow out the candles on a cake I've made! :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, M! Hope you had a great time at your party!

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