#109: Lamington Mini-Cupcakes

In September, I started a cupcake adventure. If you haven't read about it yet, you can do so here. ***

Naturally, this recipe starts with creaming together butter and sugar (surprised?)


Then, eggs and the other wet ingredients are added:


The final batter had a nice, thick sugar-cookie consistency. (I realized later I had accidentally doubled the amount of butter required WITHOUT doubling the other ingredients. Oops! They still tasted good, but I made a second batch the correct way so I could compare the results of the two. It felt like Science Fair all over again.)


My aunt graciously loaned me her silicon baking mold. It was slightly bigger than most mini molds, and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! I need to get one of my own!!


As you can see, the batter made a LOT of mini cupcakes. I split this batch and only used about 16 for making Lamingtons and the rest for making cupcake kabobs (stay tuned for those). The ones with the double-butter are in the bottom left corner...you can see they are a little 'lumpier' looking.


Like the batter, the "icing" for Lamingtons is pretty basic as well: butter, cocoa, powdered sugar, and water (not shown here).


The water is warmed in the microwave and the heat melts the butter.


Then, the cocoa is added to make a paste.


Powdered sugar gives the paste some sweetness.


It can take a little trial and error to get the consistency just right. You want it to be about like brownie batter. It needs to be thin enough to slightly run off the cupcakes, but thick enough that it will stick.


Each little cake bite is submerged in the chocolate dip, then tapped to remove the excess.


Once the chocolate-covered cupcake has stopped dripping, you throw it in here:


PLOP! The cupcake is then rolled around, coating the chocolate layer with a dusting of shredded coconut.


Then the cupcakes are moved to a wire rack to dry.


Mmm. Just look at those! Taste-wise, they are very similar to the coconut-covered cake donuts at Dunkin Donuts. But smaller, and therefore better for you. ;)


My husband and I ate all of these without ever considering the possibility of sharing with anyone else. :) It was a good thing I made a very small batch. I will definitely be making these again!

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