The Adventure of Being a Wife

03cover Now THAT'S quite the title for a book, isn't it, ladies?! I can tell you that since marrying Andrew last May, my life has certainly felt like an adventure! And I wouldn't trade a minute of it for the world!

My friend Alison found this book at an estate sale and asked me to convert it into a journal for her.

Clearly, this book was very old-school...I based my assessment not only on the cover design, but also on the fact that the author's name was listed as "Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale". My, how far we've come.


I do love the debossed elements that these old covers, two intertwined rings. I'd love to see some newer books incorporate that old debossed look.


After cutting several stacks of folded pages to size, I selected bright stripes for the inside paste pages. The colors just seemed so happy-go-lucky and ready for anything...


...including adventure!

I think a book like this would be a fantastic wedding gift...a place where couples could document their journey towards wedded bliss.

If you have any old books you'd like to turn into journals or sketchbooks, shoot me an email or leave a comment on this post! I'd be happy to give your old books a new life!

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