#27: Banana Split Cupcakes

Two weeks ago, I started a cupcake adventure. If you haven't read about it yet, you can do so here. ***

Since bananas are a weekly grocery list item at our house, it comes as no surprise that we'd have a couple extra ripe ones available. So...I turned them into cupcakes! Following the recipe exactly, the batter was not unlike that of banana bread...same texture, same smell, same deliciously golden result once baked:


The recipe then asked me to hollow out the center of each cupcake and fill it with strawberry jelly. Personally, I wasn't sure what this had to do with actual Banana Splits, but I guess some people do put fruit topping on their sundaes (I prefer caramel sauce--YUMMY!) Since I don't have an apple corer (what a silly utensil anyway), I very carefully removed the center of each cupcake using a paring knife. I filled the hole with about a teaspoon of jelly and replaced the plug:


Once filled, the cupcakes were covered with this sinfully delicious chocolate glaze and a maraschino cherry. The icing crusted slightly on the outside as it cooled, but the inside stayed warm and gooey.


Love this picture...very Pop Art-ish:


Overall, the cupcakes were amazing. Two of my Twitter followers volunteered to take most of them off my hands for me: @ScrapsOfMe and @Lofolulu. ScrapsOfMe wanted just 3 cupcakes (well, actually, her husband wanted them and tweeted under her name! ha!) and reported: "Cupcakes were awesome. Not too much of anything." and Lofolulu took 10 and said: "Oh dear @abbiz , please burden me & kids w/ your excess incredible homemade cupcakes again. TY! They were GREAT! ; )." I was also told by my own husband: "Do NOT give all of these away!" haha!

The cupcakes were reminiscent of Grandma's banana bread, with a sweet jelly center and just enough chocolatey goodness to please anyone. They even look neat with a bite taken out of them! ;)


I also have been working on a way to display the cupcakes. I've been a print designer for the last 9 years, and old habits die hard! I've been thinking up ways to combine the passion I have for cooking with my love of all things paper. This week, I made some little toothpick flags with my trademark zebra stripes. Each flag features the name of the cupcake...


...as well as the address to this website. That way, anyone who receives a Z as in Zebra cupcake will be able to visit this blog and see what other things I've been whipping up in the kitchen.


As always, if you do not follow me on Twitter, you are welcome to do so at any point. On the days that I bake for the sake of baking, I will post tweets in search of cupcake eaters. I've decided to charge $1.50 per cupcake (you can get any quantity you want) to offset my costs. I've noticed that bakeries and coffee shops around town charge more than $3 per cupcake, and I am confident that my cupcakes are just as good...and fresher since they don't sit in a bakery case all day! ;)

Let me know if you'd like to be a recipient of my gourmet cupcakes. You can see the list of all the flavors here.

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