#14: Yogurt Cupcakes

Last week, I wrote this post. As soon as I hit "Publish," I knew I would need to get crackin' if I hoped to bake all 113 recipes in the book. Join me as I describe my experience with #14: Yogurt Cupcakes. The #1 thing I found most fascinating about this recipe is that it didn't require the use of a measuring cup! Instead, it used the yogurt container to measure all the dry ingredients. No dishes to wash! (YAY!) For my first attempt at this recipe, I chose an ordinary vanilla yogurt:


After measuring out the flour, sugar, oil using the yogurt container, the batter looked like your typical cake batter (and smelled delicious!)


The cupcakes turned out fairly uniform and were heavy/dense...kind of like a pound cake.


Yummy, look at that crown!! Mmmmm! So moist and fluffy-looking!


The recipe didn't offer a frosting recipe (these cupcakes are actually quite good as-is), but I wanted to give them a little pizazz, so I dusted them with powdered sugar. The delicate sweetness was just enough to balance the dense cake.


Once I get through the other 112 recipes, I hope to come back to this one and do some experimenting with fruit-flavored yogurts. I read that you can also add fresh or frozen fruit or nuts. Lots of room to play with this recipe!

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