22: Sow to Grow

22: Sow to Grow

Each word we say, each thought we make space for in our minds, each action we allow to become a habit…all these things are making us who we are, as well as planting seeds in the hearts and minds of those in our circle of influence. If we hope to reap a harvest of positivity, health, and strong, meaningful relationships, it’s crucial that we are sowing good seeds.

Join us for Creative Mama [Episode 22] as Abbi shares her One Word for 2019 and shows how the meaning behind it also impacts your life, no matter what you’re focusing on this season.

As you set out to have a more intentional year, we highly recommend signing up for an ANALOGUE subscription through Mandy Thompson’s website. These “field guides for the soul” will help ensure you are taking the right steps that will lead you to the growth you want to see in your life. This week we are offering a GIVEAWAY of Issue 1 to one lucky listener. See below for details.

Meanwhile, you take care of the sowing, and God will take care of the growing. Make it a great day!


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