23: Chaos Management

23: Chaos Management

We all go through seasons where life feels crazy-busy. In those times, it's so important to have rhythms and routines that help keep you from totally losing your mind.

Join us for Creative Mama [Episode 23] where I outline some of the habits and tools I use to help me manage the busyness of life without feeling stress to the max or allowing any details to slip through the crack.Hopefully, these ideas and resources will help you create your own plan for when your daily routine feels out of control.

Your plan may not look like mine, but I hope you leave this episode inspired to put some routines in place that will serve you well going forward.

Creative Mama will be off for the month of February, but we'll be back on March 4, 2019 with the premiere episode of Season 3. Thank you so much for listening!

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Overwhelmed By My Blessings reading plan on YouVersion

Overwhelmed By My Blessings paperback devotional

Instacart grocery delivery. Save $10 on your first order when you use this link!

Living Well planner

My favorite highlighters for time-blocking in my planner

Cultivate Powersheets planner

One Line a Day journal

Les Mills' BodyPump workout class Find a class near you.

My favorite Lazy Genius Podcast episodes about cooking/meal prep: #75: The Lazy Genius Stocks the Kitchen ; #76, The Lazy Genius Meal Plan

Trello app

Join a LifeGroup (yes, there are even groups that meet online!)

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