Favorite Things: March 2019

Favorite Things: March 2019

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As a homeschooling mom, there are several items that make life easier (or more enjoyable at least!). Here’s a sampling of my very favorite products from last month. Perhaps some of the items on this list will become favorites of yours, too.

Overwhelmed by My Blessings devotionals, Volume 1 and Volume 2.
Masterfully written by my wise mother-in-law, these two books are my Bible-based companion texts that lift me up and turn my heart towards Truth during the weary moments of motherhood.

Norwex cloths for body
These are so great for removing dirt, gently exfoliating, or getting kids’ sticky faces super clean! The coastal color palette is my jam!

Norwex makeup removal cloths
Self-explanatory, and worth every penny!

Adjustable basketball hoop
One of best ways for kids to burn off excess energy. We often incorporate physical activity into our homeschooling to help solidify learning (like memorizing times tables!) without burning ourselves out on book work and flashcards. This hoop is a great value and easy to set up.

Animal-themed bathrobes
All my kids love critters, but one of my girls in particular is a self-proclaimed “animal girl.” These bathrobes are so soft and HOW CUTE is this sloth one, I mean come on!

For those of you who can’t function until you’ve had coffee, these reusable K Cups and disposable paper filters are a terrific way to create less waste.

Chrome Plated truck emblems
A perfect gift for any truck lover in your life, especially if they are into restoring old vehicles.

This bluetooth-compatible check engine scanner is super helpful for knowing why that pesky light is on. Saves a load of worry!

Frixion erasable pens
These are not the crappy Bic ones your grandma used to use for crossword puzzles back in the Nineties. These actually work. I use them for planning out our homeschool day (I like to plan, but I also try to be flexible) and also for scheduling things on our monthly calendar…because we all know when kids are involved, plans can change and who wants a calendar with a bunch of stuff scratched out?!

Atomic Habits
The best non-fiction book I read in March, as well as the best book I’ve ever read on the topic of habit formation and how to break old, bad patterns.

The Kitchen House
One of the best historical fiction books I’ve ever read. Granted, it’s not a “happy story,’ considering the setting (tobacco plantation in the late 1800s), but MAN, if it isn’t one of the most gripping tales I’ve ever read. I was up way too late several nights in a row devouring this book.

It’s always fun to discover new items that add ease or enjoyment to life. Stay tuned for more of my favorite things in upcoming posts. In the meantime, leave a comment below telling me the things that make your life a little bit easier or more fun.

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