Project 52:8 • Be Careful Little Eyes What You See


We are at that stage of toddlerhood where every word we say gets repeated. Which is great if the words are kind like "I love you" or "thank you." Knowing you are being watched 24/7 by an impressionable child sure makes a person more cautious!

But it's not all fearful. And it's not all "planned," either. Sometimes I know Beau is copying me because it happens immediately. Then there are other times like the photo above where I catch a secret glimpse into his world and notice that he's emulating me.

I did not grow up in a family of faith, and it wasn't until I was 19 that I became a Christ-follower. I have always known I wanted my kids to know Jesus and what He means to me/us. Each morning, I read an entry from the devotional Jesus Calling. Generally, I try to read before Beau wakes up, but if that doesn't happen, I read it aloud to him over breakfast.

Apparently he can sense this book has special meaning. While I was tidying up the other day, Beau quietly grabbed the throw pillow off my bed, got the book, and laid down on the floor to "read." Luckily I was able to snap a pic of him before he knew I was watching.

This moment reminded me of my goal in life: to live in such a way that my friends, family, and especially my children, know that I love the Lord and I pray above all else that they would come to know Him, too. There is no greater gift than to point our loved ones towards everlasting life!

Moments like this make me wonder: am I teaching Beau about life or is he teaching me?


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Handy Dandy Notebook

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