#81: Day of the Dead Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcakes

In September 2009, I started a cupcake adventure. (At this rate, I may never finish! And, I'm not sure I even want to, so, ha!) If you haven’t read about it yet, you can do so here. ***

Would you look at that? Yummy! I can still smell the cinnamon/chocolate combo!

I made the icing first...butter and powdered sugar.

Milk, Mexican vanilla, and cinnamon were then added to round out the icing, which was set aside until later.

The base of the batter was (used guessed it), butter and sugar.

Four eggs were separated and the yolks were added to the cake batter.

More Mexican vanilla...this time in the batter.

Then, Mexican chocolate was added. This was something I'd never purchased before, so it was exciting to try something new.

Mexican chocolate comes in disks like this:

The chocolate was then melted (I used the microwave) and added to the batter.

Dry ingredients were added next...

And the whites I saved earlier were beaten until they formed stiff peaks.

So fluffy!!

The beaten eggs were then mixed into the batter.

And baked! These cupcake papers were a birthday gift from a friend. She found them at IKEA and they are designed in such a way that you don't need a muffin tin...just a cookie sheet. Very cool!

They made cupcakes bigger than regular sized, but not quite "jumbo" sized.

Next, the icing I had set aside earlier was added to the top.


If this recipe (or any other from the Abbi/Gail Adventure) intrigues you, I highly recommend getting Gail's book. Your local library may even have it. This recipe is on page 138!


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