Day 8 AEDM: Christmas Name Drawing

Each year for Christmas, my husband's side of the family draws names for gift-giving (there are 25 of us!). I've offered to organize the drawing this year, and it's going to take place this Sunday. I used this as an opportunity to play around with doodling and hand-lettering. Over the years, I've seen multiple examples of "color-splotching" instead of precise coloring, so I tried that today, too.

Here is the entire set as well as a few of my favorites:






After trimming the slips, I used a wooden skewer to roll each one into a tube. That way, no one can peek! I also marked the slips for the kids with red marker so they wouldn't get mixed in with the adults' names.


Granted, the drawing 'buckets' are nothing fancy, but now each family member can see which slip they are drawing without knowing who's name they are getting.


I will also be emailing out a Christmas Survey this year. Each family member will fill out their "Wish List" and Reply All. That way, the secret of who drew who STAYS a secret (no need for covert spouse-interviewing operations this year!)

The list will also be a great reference throughout 2011 as we celebrate family birthdays.

Does your family have any fun holiday traditions? Do tell!

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