Day 7 AEDM: Dinner Menu

Each week, I sit down to make our dinner menu and subsequent grocery list. And each week I ask my husband, "What sounds good for dinner this week?" Despite the fact we've been together over 3 years and married for nearly half that time, it's as though my question gives him dinner amnesia and he can't come up with any ideas when I put him on the spot.

And in all fairness, sometimes I even forget what yummy dishes I've made before and thus we fall into the same old pasta/chicken/salad/meatloaf/spaghetti/sandwich rut week after week.


Today for Art Every Day Month I made a nifty 1950s-inspired menu list. Ta da!:


I've printed this graphic on 12x12 cardstock and will list out all the yummy dinner entrees I have made before. As I try new recipes that we deem "keepers", I can add to the list. I plan to eventually make coordinating lists for side dishes and appetizers/desserts. That way, when it's time to answer the age-old question, "What's for dinner?" yet again, I'll have some ideas at the ready, and hubby and I can avoid the suppertime blahs.

How about you? Do you have artistic or creative ways of making meal planning/prep fun? I'd love to hear them!

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