Leopard Mania!

It's always a pleasure to get a new client via referral. The following cake was requested by Therese, a friend of Amy's. Therese's daughter Aden was having a birthday and wanted a leopard print cake. So, I set out to find a great pattern I could recreate in royal icing.

I spent several hours piping icing into perfect leopard-like shapes. My shapes are on the left, the pattern I studied is on the right:


Once the spots dried, I iced a 12" two-layer chocolate cake with pink icing. I then added the birthday phrase, a beaded border, and the leopard spots.



I would loved to see how these spots would look on a tiered cake!


Detail shot of the spots: Outlined in 100% thickness royal icing and filled with a looser version of the same icing to make a 'pillowy' look.


Happy Birthday, Aden! I hope it was a great one!!

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