Spider-Man Cake

I think we'd all admit that no kid's birthday is complete without a theme cake, right? Well, who better to help you turn this age...


...than this superhero?!


Amy contacted me for some party/gift giving help. 1: she wanted to have a custom journal made for a gift. 2: her son was turning four and only likes Spider-Man. Nothing more, nothing less. Spider-Man. No questions asked. Aren't 4 year olds great?! :)

So, I spent some time creating a custom-made Spider-Man cake...better than the regular ol' sheet cakes you buy with the decal stuck on top, no?

I used homemade marshmallow fondant to create his spidey eyes and layered them on top of rich, dark chocolate icing.


I used Candy Melts (dark cocoa flavored) to create the spider emblem on his spandex suit.


And the edge was finished off with a row of chocolate icing beads.


Happy Birthday!!

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