Girlie Guitar

A couple years ago, I made a 1st birthday cake with a Rockstar theme. I recently got a request to do another guitar cake--for a girl this time--a girl that was having a Hannah Montana party. Naturally, after being cut to the correct shape, girls' cakes start with a base coat of pink icing:


I added details in purple to make the cake truly "Hannah-ish".


To complete the guitar, I used chocolate icing for the frets and screws. All the details were made from homemade marshmallow fondant (which tastes much better than the store-bought kind).


All of the fondant pieces were brushed with a faint gold luster dust to give them a nice, girlie sparkle. Here are the tuning pegs:

tuning pegs

The pickups:


The knobs:


And a monogram for the birthday girl herself. A true rockSTAR.


And THIS is the best part...seeing a child's face light up when they see their custom-designed birthday cake. :)


Here's to many more happy, happy birthdays, Mikala!

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