Sunflowers and Sunshine

Since I was already in the process of making a book for Ann, my friend Amy asked me to also make one for her friend Erin as a Christmas gift. Amy went to great lengths to find out all of Erin's favorites...Amy even went so far as to create a survey for Erin to fill out! Throughout the survey, Erin mentioned 'sunflowers' and 'aspens in the fall' several times. That alone was enough to send me on a book cover hunt!

I was able to find the most amazing fabric for Erin's book: bright, golden sunflowers blooming all over the cloth.


I used black Canson paper as the facing pages so that its starkness would allow the flowers on the cover to steal the spotlight.


Amy wanted me to be sure an include Erin's name, so I used letter brads in the bottom right corner.


Over the past couple of months, I've also been spending time thinking about how I want to brand Z as in Zebra and what my vision is for the future. The main thing for now is making sure people know where their handmade journal came from, in case they fill it up and need another! Or...even better, love theirs so much they want to get one for a friend. I just love the idea of "paying it forward"!


Like with Erin's book, I can use almost any fabric as a cover material. Have a favorite article of clothing from your past that you can't wear anymore but you can't bear to discard? Let's discuss the possibility of making it into a book cover! The sky's the limit!

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