Bon Voyage

My friend's father had plans to take a European cruise around Christmastime. He wanted to journal about the cultures, foods, sights, and landmarks he encountered while on his journey, so she hired me to make him a custom journal. I wanted to create something with a Old World feel, something reminiscent of the days when traders, voyagers, and settlers spent months traveling across oceans in search of adventure and new opportunities.

Here is what I created:

I used tan suede to create the cover. A label holder displayed the words "Bon Voyage" and a length of twine held the book closed when not in use.

The book was bound using a technique that would allow it to lay flat and I used scrapbooking paper displaying handwritten letters for the paste papers to add to the 'Old World' feel.

My friend was quite happy with the end result and excited to give the book to her dad on Christmas. I wonder what it looks like now that it's full of notes from his travels?!

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