Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

To me, planning a party is nearly as much fun as actually having the party, so you can imagine how quickly my designer wheels started spinning when Andrew popped the question! On Your Mark...Get Set...GO!

I chose my Bridesmaids fairly quickly and I knew wanted to ask them in a special way so they would know how important they are to me.

Introducing: The Abbi Z Bridesmaid Announcement Package!!

I pride myself on being both creative AND resourceful. In fact, the only thing I spent money on was the mailing envelopes! Everything else was remnants from art school and various bookmaking projects.

First, I sent each Maid a wrapped package with a note asking her NOT to open it...yet. A phone number was included so all the Maids could join me for a conference call. During the call, the girls would be instructed to open their packages. Photobucket

Inside the package was some fun green confetti, a small silver wrapped surprise, and an envelope. Photobucket

The envelopes held a "Bridesmaid Booklet" and the silver package contained a book monogrammed with each girl's initial.


The booklets folded open to reveal the message "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" and on the back of each strip, I wrote a personal message to each girl, telling them how much I love them and how much it would mean to me for them to stand with Andrew and me on our big day. Photobucket

The booklet contained information about the wedding and the pre-planning: Our colors, the wedding date, the bridesmaid dresses I liked, my suggestions for shoes, accessories, etc., as well as a promise to be as NON-Bridezilla as possible. :) I included contact info for each girl so they could all get in touch with each other as well as websites they could peruse for inspiration and ideas. Photobucket

I can't imagine walking this path without these girls by my side! I figured investing a little DIY time would show them just how much they mean to me: past, present, and future. Love you girls!! Photobucket Now you share: What's your favorite part of planning a party or event?

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