Shark Attack!

This past summer, my fiancé's two adorable nephews turned 5 and 3. Their joint birthday party was water-themed and included water balloon and water gun fights, shark decorations, and swimming in Mimi and Grandpa's pool. I was asked to make a cake shaped like a shark for the party. Since I didn't know where to begin, I searched for inspiration online. I found a great photo on Flickr and got in touch with the woman who made the cake. She was able to give me some great pointers on how to get the cake perfect the first time. (Thanks, Chirky!)

I used a loaf pan to form the body of the shark and made 'fins' out of frosted cookies. Here is the final result:

There were a few things that I loved about this cake:

1. The teeth

2. The cake was red velvet cake and looked 'bloody' when we cut into it at the boys' party (what little boy doesn't love destruction?!)

3. The fact that all the kids couldn't wait for me to cut the cake and made requests like "Can I eat his eye?", "I want to eat his teeth", etc.

All in all, a success!

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