A Creative Use of Leftovers

What do you do when someone orders a cake for her daughter's birthday, you whip up all the necessary pieces (green icing, round cake, royal icing flowers), and then she decides she doesn't want it after all? You find an excuse to celebrate. Luckily, Andrew and I had officially been dating for 8 months, so I turned the would-be girl's birthday cake into a love cake. :)

I'd been wanting to experiment with hexagon-shaped cakes, but only owned round pans. So, I used a bread knife (my not-so-secret weapon) and carved the cake into the shape I wanted. I used the green icing I had made as well as the royal icing flowers. Granted, it wasn't the most 'manly' cake, but then again, what guy is going to say no to homemade dessert?!

With this cake, I also took the liberty of experimenting with new piping tips. I had never used the "grass" tip before, so I gave it a whirl, creating a frosting flower bed:

I also tried piping on the hexagon's corners, rather than the flat sides. I need some more practice with maintaining a steadier hand, but it was fun to try something different. Each pipe of icing was capped off with a royal icing apple blossom.

Have you ever turned a would-be dessert disaster into something fun?

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