The First True Experiment

All during college, I made birthday cakes for friends. But they were nothing fancy...just your typical, two-layer round cakes. That all changed when my dear friend "Amytons" invited me to her 80s-themed birthday party. I offered to bring a cake as my gift to her. I then set to work determining what kind of cake would best encapsulate history's quirkiest decade. After sketching out some ideas and adapting the tiering techniques I'd learned from my mom, I created a three-layer dark chocolate square cake unlike any other:

Needless to say, the cake was a hit.

It was three layers of devil's food cake with dark chocolate buttercream icing and tinted fondant patches.

I personally don't like using fondant because I like my cake creations to be 100% delicious. It is nice to work with because you can use it just like you would modeling clay. However, it tastes about as good as modeling clay, too, and I don't dig that. However, in the case of the Rubik's Cube cake (and a few other rare exceptions since then), I have resorted to using fondant when nothing else would do.

Rock On, Baby!

Just the Beginning