Just the Beginning

zebraBcard Welcome to Z as in Zebra! This company is a dream in the making. For the past several years, I have enjoyed making handmade books and designer cakes that thrill and amaze people. Watching a person's face light up when they see their specialty product for the first time is THE best feeling in the world!

Because He created us in His image, God has blessed each of us with different forms of creativity. I may not be much of a sculptor, but I can make just about anything from cake and icing!

On this site I will share tips, tricks, and techniques that have helped form who I am as a designer. I hope you'll check back often as I showcase some of the projects I have created over the past year.

**NOTE: This site will be managed like a blog...meaning that a couple projects will be showcased each week, along with photos. So, no, you didn't miss the 'good stuff'...it just isn't up yet. Stay tuned! Thanks!

The First True Experiment