19: Emily Johnson [Creative Convo]: Simply Feeding Ourselves

19: Emily Johnson [Creative Convo]: Simply Feeding Ourselves

After discovering she could alleviate many of her health issues by consuming higher-quality foods, Emily Johnson got creative in the kitchen. As researching nutrition and its effects on our lives grew into an insatiable passion, Emily left her high-stress marketing job in favor of pursuing a Masters in Holistic Nutrition. Her recently launched Village Nutrition Company focuses on building community and helping families “find health through whole foods."

Whether you have picky kids, toddlers just beginning to eat solid foods, family members with dietary restrictions, or symptoms that keep you from feeling your best, Emily and her organization offer wonderful insight and suggestions for moving your family towards better health through food.


Join us for Creative Mama [Episode 19] as Emily details her exploration into the world of whole foods, simplifying the meal-planning process and encouraging all of us to listen to our bodies and find a way of eating that meets the needs of our unique families.

People, Places & Things In This Episode:
Resources Emily loves:

Nourished Beginnings cookbook

Real Food Whole Life website

Veggies & Virtue website

Oh Baby Nutrition website

The Kitchn recipe website

Connect with Emily:



***FUNDRAISER DETAILS: To get involved with Emily’s 30th Birthday Fundraiser and help provide healthy meals and nutrition education to families in the Portland, Oregon area, contact Emily for details here.


Some of Creative Mamas’s favorite healthy eating tools (because having quality tools keeps the chore of meal prep from feeling like such an arduous task):

A great article on “cooking up” and exposing our kids to new foods.

Instant Pot (6 qt)

Instant Pot (8 qt)

Paleo Instant Pot recipes (one of our favorite IP cookbooks, even if you don’t follow a paleo diet)

Baby-Led Weaning Book (a simple approach to introducing your baby to solid food)

Spiralizer for making veggie noodles

Lunch boxes and snack boxes for meal prep and kids’ food

Oxo pepper mill

Silicone spatulas

Lodge cast iron skillet (10.25”)

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