28: Beauty Secrets No One Brings Up

28: Beauty Secrets No One Brings Up

When it comes to beauty and fashion tips, are you generally the first to know or the last? Often times, we find something "new" only to discover that our friends have been using it for ages. Why the secrecy?

Listen in to Creative Mama [Episode 28] as Abbi shares her latest and greatest finds in fashion and self-care. Perhaps you'll get to be the leader of the pack in terms of introducing these products and techniques to your girlfriends. At the very least, the secret will be out!

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People, Places & Things in This Episode:

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ZasinZebra.com, the home of Creative Mama and other pursuits

Old Navy Jeggings

Tinkle razors

Facial shaving for women

L’Ange brush with boars hair bristles (the one I own); less expensive alternative by J&D Beauty

My current favorite hat for bad hair days (major brownie points with the hubby for this choice)

My two favorite dry shampoos: powder for dark hair or light hair; and spray

Hairstylist Jasmine Rae’s hair training tips

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