#55: Make Soft Pretzels

#55: Make Soft Pretzels

You know that feeling you get when you're walking through the mall and BAM! you're hit in the face with the delicious aroma of butter-dipped CARBS?! Why not recreate that feeling at home once in a while?

Soft pretzels rank among my favorite snacks. With their buttery, crispy exterior enveloping a fluffy, tender center and the perfectly coarse rock salt to balance out all that creamy butter. Whew.

So, naturally, when it came time to generate ideas for my 101 Things list, "make soft pretzels" had to be on there. They're not exactly a quick snack to whip up, so I don't make them very often. ((luckily, for my hips' sake)). But this list is supposed to be comprised of things one loves doing but doesn't always make time to do, so making pretzels fit the bill perfectly.

Also, I think it's important that my kiddos learn that a lot of the foods we buy from stores or restaurants can be made from scratch, too.

I searched the web for the 'best' recipe, and ended up taking the most commonly-recurring tips and tricks to make my own batch (rolling pencil-thin, baking soda bath, etc.).

I was pleased with the results, and so were my kids. Nom nom nom!

Your to-do list never tasted so good.

Go HERE to follow along with my 101 Things progress. Detailed accounts of completed Things will be posted as time allows. For those items that need little-to-no explanation, a completion date and any applicable footnotes will be noted on the 101 Things page.

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