Tribe Women & Dream Lists

I am one soul within a tribe of artistic, encouraging warrioresses. These women lift me up, cheer me on, and offer a safe place to cry, scream, and vent. They celebrate my victories and commiserate with my fears and failures. Then they help me pick myself up, dust myself off, and begin again, with renewed passion. I do the same for them. We preach dreams and zeal and boundary-destruction. Our tribe is a dozen strong and we are a motley crew. Of the 12, I have never met five in real life. But they love me and believe in me and share #secretmessages that give me wings.

A couple of them (one I have met, one I have not...yet!) have inspired me to make yet another dream list.

With my 30th birthday coming up in a few weeks, I've been really thinking about what I'd like the next five years of my life to look like. I've gotten really stingy with myself lately, citing work and money as the primary reasons to say "maybe someday" to fun things instead of "why not today?!"

My mentor and I discuss this topic often. I've gotten so used to delayed gratification as a lifestyle, that there's NO gratification now. Time to change that; time to dream and plan and do!

35 By 35

(in no particular order. this list will #grow as I continue to dream!):

1. Float trip on the river

2. Color Me Rad (July 14, 2012)

3. Trip to Dallas to see the Lundy family

4. Go to IKEA

5. Have a 2nd baby

6. Put on Hot Mamas Run (September 30, 2012)

7. Drastic hair cut/color

8. Meet my cyber-pal Shawna from Styleberry blog in person

9. Learn to use a sewing machine

10. Build a house...or at least start

11. Learn to bake tomato-basil bread like Panera's

12. Take Andrew on a beach vacation (Destin, FL; October 17-23, 2012)

13. Read "Little Women"

14. Learn to change a tire

15. Learn to jump a car battery

16. Trapeze lesson

17. Order a favorite photo (or two) as a wrapped canvas

18. Start & finish the book of our wedding photos

19. Go on a sisters-only trip with Arica and Sonny

20. See James Taylor in concert (July 18, 2012)

21. Attend a JJ Heller Concert

22. Buy an expensive but perfectly-awesome-and-flattering pair of jeans

23. Go on a cruise

24. Visit Zoe in Austin

25. Take the train from OKC to Fort Worth

26. Go indoor rock-climbing at Rock Town










As I accomplish/complete these I’ll add the date and link to any blog posts related to the goal. Check back often and see how I'm doing!

How about you? Do you have a Dream List or Bucket List?

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