Project 52:5 • What's Cookin'?


Oh, Beau-Beau. You love cooking utensils more than toys, son. Ever since you could sit up by yourself, you've been whisking ping-pong balls around in a ceramic bowl.

Nowadays it's a wrestling match to see which one of us gets to use the good silicon oven mitt (FYI: I usually let you win).

You have your own set of pots and pans. You even have a favorite "pancake flipper" and when it gets washed and accidentally ends up in the canister with the rest of my tools, you are quick to point out that it's not in YOUR drawer where it belongs.

I can only hope this interest in cooking and helping in the kitchen continues throughout your life. I have no doubt you would be an excellent chef...or at least skilled enough to bless your future wife by giving her a night off. :)

As your mama, it's my job to make sure you don't move out of our house without knowing how to cook more than macaroni and cheese (unless, of course, it's completely from scratch, in which case makes it fancy!)

At the rate you're going, you're learning a LOT and you're learning it fast! So, what shall we cook next, bubba?


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