Glitter is a Girl's Best Friend

My artist-friend and resident fairy-godmother, Teresa, is one of those souls who just SPARKLES. There's just no other word for the way she lights up a room and one's soul with her presence. If there is one thing Teresa loves more than red, it's glitter! So, in honor of her upcoming birthday {I think she's going to be 25...something like that, right, T? ;)}, I made her a special sign for her studio:

I found the perfect candy-apple red spray paint and gave the frame a makeover. Then, I used my Silhouette cutter to make a stencil, which I then painted in white acrylic on black matte board.

Sure, I could've just cut the letters from white vinyl and been done, but there's something so authentic and organic and lifelike about seeing brushstrokes within the letters! They just make a work of art seem more like, well, a work of art.

Then, I added the finishing touch: GLITTER. Red glitter. And lots of it!

To say Teresa loved this would be putting it lightly. She immediately shared the above image on Facebook and Instagram and people started demanding to know where she had gotten it.

Though I intended this to be a one-of-a-kind, Teresa has not only given me her blessing to make replicas, she's downright encouraged it. {I guess when you love glitter like she does, you figure there can never be too much of it in the world!}


I will be making more of these in the weeks to come and you can get one of your own!! The color of the frame and glitter can be customized to suit your tastes {everyone has "their" color, right?!}. Each one will be individually handmade and cost $35 plus shipping.

For those who live in the Edmond/OKC area, we can arrange pick-up or delivery {for an extra fee} of your art. For those of you outside OK, I am researching shipping options to keep these as cost-effective for the buyer as possible. I hope to update this post soon with approximate shipping charges.

If you would like to purchase your own, feel free to leave me a comment on this post or email me privately.

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