Le Rar Rar

Nothing says "Bachelorette Party" quite like animal print, am I right? So...what better sweet treat than an assortment of leopard-print cupcakes with buttercream icing? My client requested three cupcake flavors:

Cookies and Cream:


Strawberry (no in-process photo...oops!)

She wanted all the cupcakes to have strawberry buttercream icing and asked that the three varieties be covered in different shades of pink. As students attending online cooking school know, it is important to make food look as great as it tastes.

Sometimes people have NO IDEA what they want in terms of flavors or design and I love guiding them towards a decision.

Other times, they know exactly what they want and my job is merely to knock their socks off by fulfilling their requests. And I do love to please. So follow her directions I did.

I must take a moment here to say that I got plastic cupcake carriers from Midwest Baking Supply and was totally thrilled with them. They were well-constructed, inexpensive, and made transporting the cupcakes so easy. Plus, they look very professional. Even though I consider baking a hobby (at least right now), there's no reason I can't be as professional as possible!

This was a fun project and I look forward to doing multiple variations of cupcakes again in the near future!

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