It's a...

When my friends Lindsay and Jason learned that they were expecting, they knew they wanted to find out the gender of their baby in an exciting way. So, instead of finding out for themselves at the midwife's office, they had the ultrasound technician call ME. How exciting!!! For 24 hours, I got to be the only person who knew what they were having!! (correction: I blabbed to my husband, who was sworn to secrecy!) :)

I got to create my first "reveal cake" for this fun couple. They had planned a party for the day after their ultrasound and all their friends and family members were invited. There, Lindsay and Jason would find out what they were expecting, either a...

or, a ...

From the time I heard from the technician until I went to bed that night, Lindsay called three times! I ignored her calls because I was certain she was going to try and get me to crack. I even got an instant message from her, asking if I was ignoring her. :)

I loved the suspense, and I loved being part of their big announcement.

At the party, people were trying to get me to spill. Jason's own mother even said "Lindsay said it's okay for you to tell me the color of the cake," to which I responded, "chocolate." ;) Guests were asked to guess, and the vote was 19 for Girl and 9 for Boy.

So, what was the baby? This video tells all. We had told everyone that the color of the cake would tell the gender of the baby. My favorite moment in the video (:18 mark) is when a 4-year-old guest asks "is it brown?!" LOL.

J&L Baby Reveal from Abbi Z. Meadows on Vimeo.

CONGRATS, guys!!! Thanks for asking me to be a part of your special reveal. It was awesome. I can't believe your little one is already so big! Seems like I just made this cake last week! Love you!

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