Day 21 AEDM: Sew Organized

Today I went over to my MIL's house to cut some fabric. She has a rotary cutter and I don't...sometimes scissors just won't do. However, as we headed upstairs to her sewing room, she gave me the disclaimer: "You really shouldn't even see what a mess this room is." That set off a bell inside of me! For those of you that don't know me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to organize. I've always enjoyed it. Even as a kid, I would help my friends clean their rooms so they wouldn't get grounded!

There's something really satisfying about organizing someone else's space. Perhaps it's because once it's done I don't have to be the one that keeps it that way. :)

In all fairness, my MIL has help when it comes to creating this chaos...7 kids and 8 (soon to be 9) grandkids create, play, and run around up here during family get-togethers.

So, my AEDM project for today is the "after" photos of my MILs sewing/craft room. I didn't take any "before" photos, but even if I had, she may not have wanted me to put them on the internet for all to see. HA!


Luckily, she had clear plastic boxes with lids. I boxed up like items (ribbons, sewing notions, etc) and pushed the chairs under the table where they belong.


There was a plastic box only about 1/3 full of empty photo frames and a box of fabric that was overflowing. So I swapped the contents of the two.


All the fabric scraps that had been tossed near the sewing table got folded, sorted by how much remained, and boxed up accordingly.

It was really fun to be able to do this for my MIL. I know once she gets some time to sew again, she'll have plenty of organized space to do it in.

Love you, Mama Meadows!

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