My buddies Stephen and Melissa are huge fans of Lost, so it made perfect sense for Stephen to have a Lost-themed 33rd birthday party. Melissa asked me to make the cake and suggested that the Dharma logo would be perfect. Admittedly, I've never seen a single episode of the show, but I do have the power of Google working on my behalf, so it wasn't too hard to figure out what kind of cake I was supposed to make. :)

I started by printing out the logo at the size I would need for the cake (a 12" round, which I cut into an octagon).


I then used all the bits and pieces from the template to create black fondant pieces (thanks, Anya, for generously giving me your leftover black fondant!! You are awesome!)


I allowed those to dry overnight on hunks of waxed paper, then transferred them over to the octagon-shaped, buttercream-covered cake.


The waxed-paper-backing technique worked really well and allowed me to get everything lined up almost perfectly!


Then, all it needed was a little buttercream lettering to round out the logo.


Not bad, huh? Especially since I have no idea what this logo represents. HA! :)


Stephen, happy 33rd birthday, pal! Glad to hear your party was a smashing success! Happy to have been a part of it in this way!

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