One Third Behind Me

In September, I started an adventure. The goal was to work my way through an entire cupcake cookbook, one recipe at a time. The whole book features 113 recipes, and to date, I have baked, tasted, and posted about 38 of the 113 types; roughly one third of the book. Done Cupcakes

Some have been extra-tasty-ooh-let's-make-these-again-sometime recipes while others have been 'never-agains'. No matter how they taste once finished, each batch has taught me a little more about cooking (and myself). I'm telling you, there are life lessons to be learned in the kitchen!

You can find the corresponding post to each one of these batches here. Thanks for following along and commenting as I make my way through the book. The feedback I get from you makes this crazy idea all the more worthwhile. :)



#70: St. Patrick's Day Pistachio Yogurt Cupcakes

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