An Eating Rainbow

"Butterfly in the skyyyyyy...I can fly twice as hiiiiiiiigh.When I bake, I make a eating rainbowwww"

Okay, so it's a Reading Rainbow, not an Eating Rainbow, but I couldn't resist...I had to get your attention somehow! ;)

This is one of the first cakes I made in my Wilton decorating class. The pattern was cheesy, but we all had to do the rainbow, and man, did we get GOOD at making stars!


I also like the zig-zag technique we used for making the clouds. I'm still waiting for a chance to use that technique again! I knew I would be giving this cake away after class, so I put my friend's name on it in case she would try to re-gift it. Ha! It was also a good opportunity to practice writing in dots (writing with icing is still one area where I'd like to get more practice.)

This was also before I learned the importance of photographing your cakes from all different angles. Live and learn, right?

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