Artist, Organized

Not two words you usually hear in the same context: artist and organized. Why is it that everyone assumes that artists are scatter-brained, messy, easily distracted and 'starving'? I'm not sure why that is, but I'm probably one of the few artists you'll ever meet who is able to be simultaneously creative and organized. In fact, I like finding organized ways of being creative and creative ways of being organized. :) EXHIBIT A: I've had tons of scrapbooking thing-a-ma-bobs in a shoebox for years, and I wanted to display them so I could quickly and easily see what I might be able to use for each project. IMG_1833

I also wanted a place (besides a junk drawer) to store my tools and a spot to hang to-do lists and inspiring images. So...I took some measurements and created a sketch and my wonderful husband Andrew built an art board for me! :) The top center panel is 4' x 2' pegboard (for tools), the bottom center panel is 4' x 2' masonite (into which I screwed many, many little white hooks) and the side panels are 18" x 4' sheet metal...perfect for inspiring images and cute magnets!


The hooks are perfect for displaying all my little embellishments.


But over the last few months, things have gotten a bit cluttered. The board itself isn't a huge mess, but it could be better. And the space below my bookmaking table could sure use some tidying. There are various reams of paper just stacked up, spools of ribbon bursting from a too-full shoebox, a sack of fabric that needs a permanent home, a pile of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper that will eventually become paste pages but currently lies in wait, etc. And my organized artist self wants this space to be even tidier.


Cleanliness makes working in the studio that much more enjoyable...I can get right to a project rather than spending the first 30 minutes cleaning up and hunting for the tools I need.

Don't even get me started on THIS mess:


Drawers full of crafting odds and ends. Some for card-making, some for sewing, some for stamping, some for decorating. Anything that doesn't have a place to belong has ended up in these drawers.

All of this talk about streamlining naturally got me thinking about those pesky New Year's Resolutions that so many of us make. And getting organized will be oh-so-helpful as I attempt to tackle the following 10 resolutions in '10:

1. Establish a more regular 'quiet time' routine concerning spiritual matters: Prayer, Scripture, etc. 2. Maintain a certain level of fitness and a healthy (yet no-more-than-necessary) weight gain during my pregnancy. 3. Do lots of experimenting and build up a book inventory. 4. Set up my Etsy website...I have already reserved my domain (abbiz), I just need to make some stuff to sell!! 5. Declutter the house and sell/donate/give away/use up stuff instead of having to move it when Andrew and I relocated to the country in the late spring/early summer! 6. Knock out some more cupcakes! Hoping to get about 20 more batches done before Baby comes...I have about 26 weeks til my due date, but babies' exact arrivals are unpredictable. :) (I've done two batches since I originally wrote this list!) 7. Network more intentionally with other bloggers. Set up specific times during the week to surf, read, and leave comments, in hopes of creating more traffic on this blog in return. 8. Partner with other artists to create collaborative projects. 9. Dump photos to my Snapfish account and back-up DVDs monthly. 10. Try 2 new recipes per month.

How about you? Are you making plans for this new year that's ahead of us? I'd love to hear what your hopes and goals are! Leave a comment! :)

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