Neapolitan Cake

Do you ever lie awake at night, trying to fall asleep, but instead are bombarded with ideas for new projects, solutions, experiments to try? That happens to me often. (Or at least it did before I became pregnant a couple months ago. Now, the second my head hits the pillow, I'm pretty much out.) The following cake was created from a crazy idea I came up with while trying to fall asleep one night. I wanted to do something different...a dessert that would focus more on the cake than the icing. So I created the Neapolitan Cake!

Most everyone is familiar with the famous "Neapolitan" combo: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, but I'd never seen it done as a cake.

I made each tier a different flavor and covered the edges with buttercream rosettes.


I didn't frost the sides because I wanted to reveal the flavor of each layer rather than masking it with icing.


I love the top-view of this cake...looks "wooly"...and sugary sweet. :)


I do love me some rosettes. They are such a simple yet elegant addition to any cake.


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