Pop Goes the Birthday Cake!

Several months ago, I experimented with making cake pops. And since I had just been asked to design a cake for a brother/sister birthday party (Carter was turning 3, Campbell was turning 1), I figured it would be fun to incorporate them into the design! firstpic

I used primary colors for the cake decorations, and did swirls and stars.


The cake started out simple enough, but I wanted to give it a little more POP!


So I added some curling ribbon to the cake pops and stuck them around the cake



Have I mentioned how much I love my camera? I love taking macro shots like this:


The primary-colored stars made the perfect border for both the big cake and Campbell's smash cake.


I made a 4" round for Campbell, the little sweetie, to smash with her fingers and face! As you can see, it was a little bitty cake. so cute!


To the Moores, thanks for asking me to make the birthday cake for your children. It was fun to experiment with using the cake pops as decoration. Glad you loved it, too! :)

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