Anya's Book

It's SO fun to make a book for a fellow artist! And this gal, Anya, is also a fellow baker! She makes the most amazing creations out of fondant. Seriously. Her figurines are over-the-top incredible. Look at this adorable girl (complete with cell phone!) that she made: anya


So...what does every cake baker/creator need? A sketchbook!

After hearing about Mandy's sketchbook, Anya commissioned me to create a book that could house her baking brainstorms. Since she had complimented some paisley paper as well as the cover pages for Aquasteel, I had an idea as to what her style is.

Everyone needs a place to keep their Big Ideas!



A black satin ribbon bookmark helps Anya pick up where she left off, while the silver square mini brads add a little pizzazz to the spine and coordinate with the brads on the cover.


And LOOK at this paisley! Mmm. When I saw this paper, I knew I had to buy it! It had such a vivid color palette, I couldn't just leave it there on the shelf!


Mmm. Luscious. And what great texture, too!


And now Anya has plenty of space to sketch, write, and doodle ideas as quickly as they cross her mind!


#31: Rum Raisin Cupcakes

Happy Thanksgiving!