#1: Zucchini Pine Nut Cupcakes

In September, I started a cupcake adventure. If you haven't read about it yet, you can do so here. ***

When a friend of mine told me the United Way was hosting an event to thank volunteers for the OKC Storytellers, I offered to contribute some cupcakes. Since my goal was to get through all 113 recipes in the book Cupcakes Galore, I decided to knock out 4 different batches for the event. At that time, I had a huge load of fresh produce (including several large zucchini) from my grandparents' farm in Nebraska, so I selected the Zucchini Pine Nut recipe.

You start by shredding up a zucchini and adding it to the dry ingredients.


To the wet ingredients, you add pine nuts.


Then you combine the two mixtures and bake in the oven. Ta Da!


The consistency made these cupcakes seem a lot more like muffins, and I was surprised how incredibly delicious they smelled! Check out all the awesome colors and textures!


I iced them with a cream cheese based frosting and used pine nuts to make little stars on the top of each cupcake.


Surprisingly, these tasted AMAZING!! I was surprised at how perfectly the sweet icing complemented the savory cupcake. I got lots of great feedback from folks at the event...these were a surprise hit and disappeared really quickly!



What food combinations have you tried that were surprisingly good?

#24: Jelly-Filled Cupcakes

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...