Buttonhole, Flocked

Remember this post from last week? That book was a simple mock-up that I made to practice the buttonhole stitch. The following project was my second attempt at buttonhole binding and box-making. I created a box from Davy board and covered it in some very swanky flocked (fuzzy) paper I found at the SCAD bookstore, Ex Libris. This box would be my buttonhole book's home.


To make it easier to remove the box lid, I created a knob-like embellishment by wrapping a metal ring in magenta hemp.


Inside the box, I used the same hemp and another metal ring to create a pull-string that would make it easier to remove the book from the box.


Size-wise, I got much more ambitious with this second book. I alternated paper in mint green and two shades of pink and ended up with a book block that was nearly 2" thick!



I experimented with embroidery floss for the stitching, using both green and blue thread.


Stitching detail shot:


In all, this was a fun project and I enjoyed experimenting with new materials. Next time I do the buttonhole stitch, I want to make a book that's slightly larger (perhaps 6"x6") to use as an address book.

What kinds of books and/or journals do you use in your daily life?

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