Flower Power

Amanda, my amazingly talented photographer friend agreed to trade me a photography session in exchange for a cake. The photos she took were INCREDIBLE and no cake in the world would have been a fair trade, but I gave it a shot anyway! :) I was provided with a plate that was the inspiration for a bridal shower Amanda was co-hosting.


I LOVED the leafy vines on the plate, and used them as my inspiration for the piping.


I did my best to imitate the colorful flowers that made the plates so cheery and bright.


I was pleased with the final result...


and it even looked quite a bit like the illustrations from the plate! Amanda and the other hostesses were quite pleased with how the cake turned out.


So fun to be able to trade favors with talented friends. A win-win situation, I'd say! What about you...what skills do you have? Let's make a trade. :)


Adventure Awaits!