Ice Cream Cone Cakes

Many moons ago, I had read about the concept of baking cake batter inside an ice cream cone. Being naturally curious (especially with anything that involves cake), I wanted to give this technique a try. And since most experiments are best done with a couple of trusty friends by your side, I called up two of my besties--Jacee and Emily--to help. I mixed up the icings and baked the cake cones before the girls arrived. Jacee had made a cake earlier that week, so she brought some icing as well, and both girls donated sprinkles and candies to the cause.

Let the fun begin!


The cupcakes were for a family birthday celebration with my husband's side of the family. With six kids at the party, you'd better have something fun and yummy to nibble on! The girls and I experimented with several different icings and toppings. In all, we made nearly 4 dozen cone cakes.

*cuppycakes3 copy


These were chocolate cake with mint-flavored green icing, chocolate jimmies, and a cherry sour.


Cute, right?!


And who doesn't love rainbow sprinkles?


When we began running out of icing, we tried our hand at "twist" cones:



We had a great time putting all of these together, and the kids at the party LOVED them. The adults appreciated them too, because their kids could hold on to the cone and didn't end up all sticky!

What great baking experiments have you tried?

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